Proven Herbal Sleep Remedies

Perfect calm sleep for the right time duration will be the natural medicine for many illnesses found in the human body. Sleeping is very much important in maintaining the balanced body state. Insomnia is a condition in which there will be a lack of sleep occurs with restlessness. At present, it is considered as a common problem faced by 25% -30% of the people. Insomnia is due to the imbalanced neurotransmitter. There are many effective home remedies for insomnia prevails in which herbal methods will be the best.

  1. Hypericum Perforatum (St. John’s Wort)

It is a herb mostly found in the European nations. It is highly effective in treating chronic insomnia. Also, it deals in curing the depression and will relax the mind.  You can take them in the form of capsules available in the market or you can use its powdered form in your diet. Continue taking this herb for 1-2 weeks and if there is any discomfort do consult your doctor.

  1. Piper Methysticum (Kava Kava)


Piper methysticum is a sedative herb found mostly in the regions of Fiji. It is one of the resulting home remedies for insomnia. Add a teaspoon of this herb powder into the tea you consume daily.  It will greatly help you in getting rid of insomnia through relaxing the mind.

  1. Valeriana Officinalis (Valerian)

Valerian is one of the best resulting herbs found in the United States. The effectiveness of valerian is proven with the combinational of other herbs like hops, California poppy and skull cap. Its medicinal values help in treating the restlessness and fights against insomnia. You can prepare a tea using it and consume it regularly for a couple of days.

  1. Chamomile

The effects of Chamomile tea are numerous in the medical world. It helps in treating various disorders found in the human body. You can use chamomile oil for massaging your body or else add some drops of chamomile oil to the warm bathing water to enjoy your bath. Prepare chamomile tea by its powder and consume it regularly to have better results.



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