How Long Does Bottled Water Last UK

The bottled water usage had become viral spread all over the world. Most of the population uses the bottled water for consumption. People prefer bottled water widely because of its following characteristics like they are cheap, purified and easily obtainable. The question how long does bottled water last will be rising in many minds. Let us see some information regarding that in the below-mentioned passages.

Bottled waters are highly protected. There is a zero chance of water getting spoiled on its own. Predicting through the sensory organs will be the best approach to finding out whether the water is good or not. The spoiled water will be identified through its bad smell and taste.

According to the U.S Food and Drug Administration, it is stated that water contained in a bottle can last for years. But it all depends upon the following categories like,

  • Packing methods
  • Preparation
  • Environmental factors
  1. Preparation

    Water Bottle Bottles Plastic Bottle Mineral Water

Preparation of bottled water involves many steps as procedures in them and they are inspecting the source of the water which is received, filtration through activated carbon, demineralization, storing the water by monitoring it, re-mineralization,  micro-filtration, treating with ultra-violet rays, ozone disinfection, boiling control and then it comes to the packaging process.

  1. Packing Methods

Bottled waters are usually packed through a high-quality plastic known as polyethylene terephthalate plastic. It is known for its best quality which stores the water fresh and protects its natural quality. Also, it is the best variety of plastic which is safe for storing the water for a long time, it is 100% recyclable and they contain no carcinogens in them.

  1. Environmental Factors

Water is safe and pure when it is undisturbed. Some of the environmental factors will affect the nature of the water. It is recommended to store the bottled waters in cool dark places, refrigerators. Avoid storing the bottled waters in the direct sunlight.



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