Home Remedies for Fever in a Baby

Fever is the common symbol of illness and is more common in children. In fact, fever is the main response for the immune system in children. A normal fever lasts for about 3-5 days under normal circumstances and can be tolerated by the child if he is a healthy kid. Teething can also cause a slight increase in temperature and here are some natural home remedies for fever in a baby.

  1. Cold Compress

Put some cold tap water in a bowl and soak a clean fresh towel into it and wring out the excessive water. Place the towel on the baby’s forehead once if the cloth warms take out the cloth from the baby’s forehead. Repeat the remedy several times until the fever is gone.

  1. Breast Milk


For babies younger than 6 months old who have fever must get enough of breast milk. It offers balanced nutrients and strengthens the weak immune system of the baby.

Try to breastfeed your baby more often and if the baby refuses to drink the milk then try out different nursing positions, so that you can make your baby drink more milk.

  1. Give More Fluids

For sick babies, it’s more important to give more liquids since fever can lead to dehydration and hence it is necessary to rehydrate the baby with some ORS along with warm water for the babies less than 6 months. Along with the rehydration salt also offer milk, ice pops and ice yogurts and fruit juices to the baby to keep him healthy during fever.

  1. Dress Him Comfortably

Bundling the kid with extra blankets is the common mistake every parent does. Hence dress up the baby with light weighted dresses. And also keep in a room where the temperature is neither too hot nor too cold, this will make him feel comfortable and will also enable him to get well soon.


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