Home Remedies For Calluses On Feet – Using Listerine

Calluses on feet are one of the common problems which affect the lower part of feet. It will look like a patched thick region of skin in the lower part of the feet. It may be caused due to various factors affecting the feet like walking with barefoot, unclean feet, improper shoes, bad positioning of feet and dry skin.

Calluses will found to be painless in the beginning stage but later it gets more painful and disgusting. The major part which gets affected by the calluses is hands and feet. These regions are the accessed more by the body and it will receive more amount of pressure through it.

There are numerous home remedies prevail in treating the calluses effectively. One of the best ever solution to cure the calluses found in the feet and hands can be Listerine. It is recommended that adding vinegars with Listerine will helps you to gain better results in treating the calluses on feet.

Listerine As A Home Remedy


Listerine is an easily available solution which will be used to treat the calluses on the feet. It is the simplest home remedy which will be found in your kitchen or washroom. People consider Listerine as a convenient source to cure the calluses.

Foot soaking through the Listerine will be the best choice to feel soothe in your feet. It will act as a pain reliever and relieves the discomforts caused through the calluses. According to some research, calluses found on the skin are due to the immune response from the body. So it should be treated with care.

Fill a water tub with warm water and add some cups of Listerine, white vinegar to it. Stir well the liquid and place your feet in the water. Leave is undisturbed for 15-20 minutes. Later wipe your feet and apply some moisturizer to the affected feet. Repeat this process on the daily basis until the calluses fade away.


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