Can You Get Pregnant While On Birth Control

Being pregnant is a good feel to a woman who is waiting to receive it rather than who is annoying it. There are lots of reasons prevails behind the use of birth control at this current world. And there are many repeated questions arising in this matter which deals with the pregnancy and birth control.

Could a pregnancy happen while on birth control? It will be a common question asked by the majority of women. The answer will be a lesser amount of chances prevails, yet it may also happen in some cases. Birth control methods will be effective in the ration of 9:10. Depending ultimately on the birth control methods may sometimes fail.

The following are some of the symptoms which will be found when you are pregnant such as fatigue, breast tenderness, missed periods, nausea and headaches. In case you have applied any birth control and at that time you find these symptoms in your body do consult your physician for a pregnancy test.



The percentage of pregnancy will depend upon the birth control method you use. Also, the procedures of how you are using the birth control methods are also matters in the case of being pregnant. Missing to take birth control pills regularly will increase the chance of getting pregnant.

According to the centers for disease control and prevention, the percentage of women using birth control pills are 10.5 million. By taking the birth control pill at the wrong timings leads 9 women in 10 to get pregnant. Likewise 1:100 faces the pregnancy even after consuming the birth control pills.

Be sure to continue your birth control pills regularly without any missing schedules. Also, ensure that you possess additional backup birth control methods to avoid pregnancy while on birth control.


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